Is it a cold or allergies?

Many times we see patients who aren't sure if their symptoms are caused by allergies or a viral infection.  So, when should you see a physician for relief from your cold or allergy symptoms?


Allergic rhinitis usually presents with sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and a runny nose with clear drainage. A mild sore throat, dry cough, and sinus congestion may also be symptoms, but a fever is usually not a symptom of allergies.  Over the counter medications can be effective in treating these symptoms, but if they become severe we are able to treat those symptoms further and provide relief.


Viral respiratory infections tend to be more severe, and you may run a fever.  Other symptoms include discolored drainage, cough and congestion.  Again, if you find that over the counter medications are not effective, please visit the clinic so that we can help you feel better.  


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